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Eutron Hunan Information Equipment Co.,Ltd

[China] Fiscal cash register

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An affordable ECR with built-in flexibility serves a wide range of retail applications.
Just glance at the large screen to verify or fill an order. Easy-to-follow messages
guide your operators with minimal training. With an enormous array of options,
you can personalize the WISE-158 by choosing thermal or plain paper dot-matrix
printing, flat spill resistant screen, and Ethernet network.

1) Departments: 40 programmable
2) PLU: 10,000 programmable, UPC
3) Groups: 5 programmable
4) Foreign currency: 4 programmable
5) Tax rate: 4 programmable plus non-taxable status
6) Macro: 20 programmable keyboard macros
7) Reports: drawer, daily (3 styles), department, PLU, inventory, periodical
(monthly, weekly), cashier, tables, customer

Advanced functions:
1) Chip card
2) Customer card with printed barcode
3) Data collection
4) Offers management

General functions:
1) Correction of previous transaction
2) Void of current receipt
3) Percentage discount
4) Discount in value
5) Refund
6) Tax on receipt
7) Graphics:
a) Receipt with advanced graphics
b) Personalized logo can be sent directly by the connected PC

1) ECR setup tool for windows
2) Back office software managing networked ECRs

1) PC/modem
2) Scanner
3) Scale
4) Slip printer
5) Kitchen printer
6) Pole display
7) Kitchen video

1) Printer: one station thermal printer with 58mm paper roll; Printing speed
up to 60mm/s
2) Keyboard: 62-key programmable keyboard. Water and powder proof
3) Customer display: 12 digit LED pull-up and display
4) Operator display: backlit 8 lines, 24-column display
5) Connections: 2 - 3 serial RS-232, Ethernet (optional)
6) Power supply: external AC/DC adapter, 90V-264V AC, 24V/2.5A DC

Fiscal version is also available
1).12-LED digit display for customer and operator
2).PLU: 4000
3). 62-key programmable keyboard
4). 58mm thermal printer
5). EJ
6). FISCAL Memory: 1024K

1). 4 line x 24 LCD display for operator, 12-LED display for customer
2). 62-key programmable keyboard
3). 58mm thermal printer
4). EJ
5). 1024K fiscal memory
6). PLU: 4000

76mm impact printer to print 2-ply pressure sensitive paper roll, All other features
are the same as WISE-158F with thermal printing

76mm impact printer to print 2-ply pressure sensitive paper roll, all other features
are the same as WISE-158G with thermal printing

1) One or two station printers
2) Thermal or impact printing
3) 58mm/80mm wide paper
4) Graphic display up to 16 lines
5) Ethernet connectivity
6) Chip card for customer fidelity
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Eutron Hunan Information Equipment Co.,Ltd

Street:#103,No14, 588Lane, Yichang Road, Putuo district
Postal code:200060
Phone: +86 21 62776489
Fax: +86 21 62774915

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Name and Surname: Wendy Sun
Phone: +86 21 62776489
Mobile: +86 13482191111
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