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Eutron Hunan Information Equipment Co.,Ltd

[China] Electronic cash register

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The SMART 258 is starting a new era of ECR and changing your concept about ECR. Thanks for its modular design, you can obtain various combinations: one or two station
printing, 30 or 60-key keyboard, remote customer display. The innovative electronic
journal (EJ) removes the encumbrance of storing journal paper rolls. The EJ also
allows a selective printout of journal on paper or on the connected PC display.
Fiscal version is also available.

1) Departments: 30 programmable
2) PLU: 1,000 programmable, UPC
3) Groups: 5 programmable
4) Foreign currency: 4 programmable
5) Tax rate: 8 programmable plus non-taxable status
6) Macro: 20 programmable keyboard macros
7) Receipt closure: 10 tenders (cash, credit, check, voucher, credit card, 4 foreign
currencies, and electronic money) plus 10 programmable sub-tenders for registration
of cash

Advanced functions:
1) Customer card with printed barcode
2) Data collection
3) Offers management

General functions:
1) Correction of previous transaction
2) Void of current receipt
3) Percentage discount
4) Discount in value
5) Refund
6) Tax on receipt
7) Calculation of change due
8) Price change
9) Programmable high amount lock-out
10) Real clock
11) Graphics:
a) Receipt with advanced graphics
b) Personalized logo can be sent directly by the connected PC
12) Drawer: drawer control of phone jack connector
13) Driver available: connection drivers for DOS, Windows, Linux, OLE POS
14) Peripherals: PC/modem, scanner, slip printer

1) Printer: one or two station thermal printer with 58mm paper roll, printing speed
up to 75mm/s, roll length is up to 70 meters
2) Keyboard: 30 or 65-key detached programmable keyboard.
3) Customer display: backlit 2 lines, 16 characters display
4) Operator display: non-backlit 2 lines, 16 characters display in keyboard
5) Connections: 2 serial RS-232, 1 drawer (phone jack)
6) Power supply: external AC/DC adapter, 90V-264V AC, 24V/2.5A DC
7) Size: 155 x 190 x 135mm (W x L x H)
8) Weight: 1.28kg (main body only)

Journal printer also is available.
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Eutron Hunan Information Equipment Co.,Ltd

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